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Here at, we have a whole team of writing professionals who have degrees in communications, public speaking, and speech writing. We offer tailor-made solutions, meaning we craft your piece especially for you that is not begun until the minute you click “place order.” From informative speech writing services to filling all of your persuasive writing needs, we can write you a stellar piece that impresses your class and your teacher, and we can meet any deadline as well.

The Challenges of Professional Speech Writing

To write like the great orators throughout history from Toni Morrison to Martin Luther King, Jr., you have to study examples scrupulously. You have to study how they create rhythm, assonance, alliteration, and how they persuade a crowd. The art of persuasive writing is one key component, and this is a skill not taught in many universities at the undergraduate level. At our company, we have writers with doctorates and masters in persuasive writing and speech writing. Our college speech writing services are star-quality. What we write gets As and A+s and wins awards in competitions across the US and beyond.

What Makes our Services So Unique

The members of our creative team are all native English speakers who have studied the art of professional writing in extremis. They can create a piece for you in any field and in any style, from informative, to persuasive, to argumentative, to analytic. We can write in a very dramatic tone on the dangers of global warming for wild life, how polar bears and giraffes will soon be extinct if something isn’t done, the dangers of BPAs and xenoestrogens in our beauty, cleaning, and plastic products—virtually anything you want. We can also write very serious, less intense informative speeches on how to eat a nutrient-rich diet that won’t lead to obesity or how just a little exercise every day can prevent problems like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Speech Writing Services Online that Care

Our writers actually care that you not only like what they write for you, but that you are virtually wowed by it. They work hard to create something you’ll be proud to deliver in front of your professor and class, or your entire school, if needed. What is amazing about our the pieces we create for students is that the written version is so impressive that you’ll be excited to memorize it and give it with great style, pride, and effort.

How It All Works

When you place a custom speech writing services order with us, you basically tell us exactly what you need and by what date you need it and we make it happen for you. We assign your project to a professional writer educated in the relevant field, and they come up with an approach that fits your needs, creating a piece that has the rhythm and flow of a truly great speech. It's up to you to memorize it and deliver it with style. Upon your request, we will also attach a plagiarism report that will assure you of its authenticity, and we try to always beat the deadline, not miss it or hand it to you at the very last second. We realize with this kind of writing, you need to get to know the piece well so that you can deliver it without having to look down too often at the pages. We do everything with your needs in mind. Give us a call or drop us a line to get started now.